Worlaby Early Starters Toddler Group




£1.50 up to 12 months and £2.50 from 12 months to school age


Come and have a cuppa and toast while your little ones play!


Snack for the children as usual




Gill Odlin handing over £600 to the M.S. Society in Scunthorpe after a concert in the village hall.

Lis Owen and Mo Orr are in the photo as they are members of the choir and also in the Thursday Group.





Back from the summer holiday now and a  return  to Toddler Group.  Twenty children and their mums came today 4th September and we had a lovely time. 


Lots of friendships have been made since Toddler Group started in Worlaby and it is so nice to see. We said goodbye to 2 children this week  who have started school but we have new babies joining us all the time. Our parents come from most of the outlying villages and even Scunthorpe so we are going global !!!! We would love to see all new mums for  a chat and a cup of tea/toast. If you are a lady in waiting, please come along too. 


We meet every Friday morning in term time  9.30 to 11.15 am,  £1.50 up to 12 months old and £2.50 from 12 months up to school age. This includes a healthy snack for the toddlers.  Mums/dads can enjoy a cuppa and toast or toasted teacake for the extortionate amount of 20p!!!!!


We have some lovely ladies in our kitchen seeing to the drinks and snacks and I would like to thank Sue Webster who shops for us, Gill Odlin, Sheila Bowles, Joan Chapman, Mel and Sandra Clark, Sharon Wellings, Lesa Waite and Lucy Almond- Bell.  If it wasn’t for these people our lovely little Toddler Group wouldn’t exist.


We are taking the children to see Father Christmas in December and plans are already in hand.


We are also raising money  by having a raffle which is drawn at the session every week.  The parents of one of our babies at Toddler Group are running the marathon in April to raise money for kidney research  and we are very keen to help them as it involves their close  family.  They have to raise £2,000 each to take part, so we hope more people will get involved too.  It must be an awful worry for them.






On 20th December, 2014 at 5pm friends and children who support the Worlaby Early Starters Toddler Group  met at the flag pole for 2 hours of carol singing. Christine lent some of us her beautiful hand made victorian dresses and hats, some of us were servants, a very handsome door knocker, who frightened some neighbours who thought the end had come!!!  and Grumpy (oh I think that was Terry)

When we had finished our carol singing we proceeded to the village hall for refreshments.

We would like to thank all the villagers who supported us and helped us to raise £200 for our Toddlers.  It really will help to keep our group going and get us nearer to realising our dream of some outside storage for our bigger toys.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.




Our play group meet every Friday from 9.30am until 11.15am in the village hall.  We have an average of 15 children every week ranging from a few weeks old up to pre school age. We actually have 41 children on the register.

The charge for up to 1 year old is £1.50 and upwards from 1 we charge £2.50.  If 2 or 3 children come from the same family the price is still £2.50.   Mums can have FREE tea and toast with a cup of tea or coffee. For 20p mums can enjoy a toasted fruit tea cake.

Our children don’t just come from Worlaby, we have children from Barnetby, Barton, Brigg, Bonby, Elsham and Market Rasen.  The children can do a different craft each week but some prefer to play.

Halfway through the session, we have a healthy snack time and encourage the children to wash their hands before they eat.

We also have a singing session, before they go home.

Charlotte, Lis, Lucy, Karen, Cathy are on the committee, we are also grateful to our volunteers, Mel who comes to help us put out toys out and comes at the end of the session to help put away, his wife Sandra, Sue, Gill who are invaluable making tea, toast and toasted teacakes. We are always grateful for any help.