Website of Worlaby Parish Council

Worlaby is a village in the beautiful western Wolds of North Lincolnshire. The Parish Council maintains this website to allow citizens greater visibility of, and opportunity to get involved in, the many projects affecting the village.  Please contact the Clerk if you require information adding to the website.

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Please see attached tender fo the Ground Maintenance Contracts for 2019 - please contact the Clerk for further details on any of the tenders included in the document - 





NLC Safe & Sound Home Assistance Grant - Safe-Sound.pdf


The new adult and junior play equipment has been installed on the playing fields. 

Instructions on how to use are located on each piece of equipment.  This was funded by Awards for All.

Please look after and enjoy.  


See Village & Local Events for the launch of the equipment on Friday 1st February, 2019


The Environment Agency Flood Line telephone number 0845 988 1188 is being de-activated from 1st April 2018

with only 0345 988 1188 being available.


 Carr Lane Evidence Form, please download, complete and return to the Clerk - both the evidence form and the map.




To view the Tour of Britain photos visit the photo album page


 Step Back in Time – Report Here!


 See Village Events page for photographs of the events.


Worlaby Village Hall are now using a new booking system and the calendar on this website will be used for village activities only.

Please see 'village hall booking system' tab under Village Hall Committee for further details and to access the system via a link.




 Forthcoming Events -

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